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Pogba, according to the statistics. Griezmann, the 27-year-old Atletico Ma▓drid forward,  has managed to raise his market value to 90 million pounds (120 million US dollars), accord

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ing to statistics published on May 30. The current market value of on-loan Paris Saint-Germain striker Mbappé is 108▓ million pound

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s (145 million US dollars), while Ma▓nchester United central-midfielder Pogba is worth 81 million pounds (108 million US dollars).Spain has the

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second highest market value,▓ with a squad worth 1.03 billion euros (1.22 b▓illion US dollars), followed by Brazil with 9▓81 million euros (1.15

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billion US dollars). For teams from the Asian Football Confederation, South Korea'▓s national team ranked 23rd as the most valuable▓ Asian

national squad, followed by Japan at 25th, and Australia at 27th.For individual footballers, Lio▓nel Messi of

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Argentina and Neymar of Brazil are both joi▓ntly ranked as the world's MVPs, with an estimated value of 162 million pounds

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